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Monday, July 11, 2011

We are broken.

We are. Every single one of us. Swallow your pride and admit it, you are broken. Being broken means something different to each of us, for some it could be being forgotten, alone, confused, stressed, or probably all of the above.

Being broken is the most bittersweet thing in life I can think of, being broken is never ideal. No one that I know says "yes, I would love to be beat and broken today." It's just not something we want. Those days when we are beat and broken are the worst, tear-filled, stressful, heartbreaking days of our lives. Think back to the last time you were completely broken, you had no idea how you were going to get through. It could be last year, last month, yesterday, or right this very moment. Think about that constant horrible pain for just a second, now think about the day you stopped feeling that pain (maybe you still are, hopefully this will give you hope.), what did you take away from that? For me, those days of pain taught me more than anything in the world, they made me stronger, and most importantly, they made me so much closer to my Heavenly Father.

If you are broken, the worst thing you can do is tell yourself "suck it up, people go through worse every day" or "stop being ridiculous, this isn't too big a deal.".

Surrender. Cry, cry your eyes out. Yell, let it all out. Pour everything out on a page, a photo, a canvas, a song. Anything. Read your bible, open those beautiful pages. Somehow whenever I am broken, if I just surrender myself and open those pages I always find something encouaging, something I need. Pray, pour your heart out to God. He won't judge you, His heart will break for you. He will never ever leave you. He adores you.

Think about the lives you can change, the experiences you've had, the things you've gained from these days of being broken. It may not seem like it at the time, but if you open up, admit that you are broken and cry out to Him, He will fix you.

Rejoice in being broken. Oh how He loves you. He will never leave you.

*Self reminder.*

My blog is turning into a mini-bible study. It won't always be like this, but sometimes there are things that need to be said, even if there are very few people reading.


  1. wow. this is amazing..
    going through a hard time with a guy right now
    we both love eachother but its long distance
    this just understood it

  2. Well I like this 'mini-bible study.' This is exactly why I wanted you to blog. "Surrender" is such a beautiful word.

  3. Oh my gosh. Erin this is so beautiful. You summed that up perfectly.

  4. Thank you all. All of you girls are lovely.

    Erin, I couldn't agree more. That word means so much to me.