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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"just hold onto your faith"

So last night I was atg bible study, this bible study has only a few people my age and normally us younger people are sepparated so that we have smaller discussion groups. Well last night there weren't many people there so we were all together and this older woman was telling us her story. She has the most heartbreaking story. She has been through things that I can't even imagine. The whole time she was telling us this, she was smiling, telling us how though the tears and the heartache that somehow, she just held on. Over and over she said "don't underestimate the power of faith. just hold onto faith and it will get you through anything."

I was just so inspired by that. just hold on. hold onto Him with everything you have. you will get through.

He will never ever leave you.

I say that over and over, but that hit me hard recently. I always knew He was there, but unlike any human being out there, no matter what. It doesn't matter what you do, what you are going through, who you are, or what you look like. He doesn't care. He absolutely adores you, and He is by your side every second of every day.

He will never leave you.

Sorry for being redundant, but I feel like I can't stress this enough. I will never fully understand His love, but I will never stop trying.


  1. Never stop trying indeed. What am amazing story. I love when someone with so much faith after glib through a really hard life experience can push you to believing in a greater good even more. God is there and their for everyone. Knowing someone can be so happy because of faith, really puts a smile in my own heart. Just so beautiful.