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Thursday, September 1, 2011

the little things.

  • smiling at strangers-they almost always smile back. for all you know, that could be the first time they've smiled all day.
  • sharp pencils.
  • green grass.
  • hand-written letters.
  • when someone says "you made my day."-it makes my day.
  • that moment when you realize it's friday.-then the tacky song pops into your head, just admit it.
  • last-minute plans that end up being some of your favorite memories.
  • when someone cute calls you cute.
  • doing things you used to do as a kid.
  • songs you can relate to.
  • when you finally understand something.
  • going places with your best friend.
  • successful photoshoots-they can make or beak my day.
  • when he messages your first.-when you read that, what was the first name that popped into your head?
  • realizing you had nothing to worry about.
  • when little kids look up to you.
  • cherry coke from sonic.
  • the smell of cookies.
  • chipped nail polish.
  • feeling pretty - a rare, but amazing feeling.
  • fashion magazines.
  • beautiful photographs - I could look through them for hours.
  • using big words.
  • the color blue.
  • being impulsive. - most of the time, at least.
  • dresses.
  • being told that you inspire someone.
  • when people go out of their way to be kind.
  • talking to people about things they are passionate about.
  • books that you can't put down.
  • hearing your favorite song on the radio.
  • talking to strangers.
  • being there for someone.
  • good hair days.
  • randomly remembering something that makes you smile.
  • meeting new people.
  • being home alone.
  • wearing your favorite outfit.
  • learning new words.
  • new clothes.
  • falling in love with a song and never getting tired of it.
  • timeless inside jokes.
  • curly hair.
  • people with beautiful eyes.
  • one on one conversations.
  • good listeners.
  • laughing till you cry.
  • talking to someone you trust.
  • looking at old pictures.
  • when your favorite show is on.


  1. I should make a list like this. Its when you do that you realize how many good things you really do have. :))