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Sunday, August 21, 2011

a letter to me-21012

if 2012 is anything like the year before, there will be a lot of change. I hope you keep calm, be still and let the Lord fight for you. You will probably make friends and lose friends, these relationships and these feelings are so temporary. I hope you never lose sight of Him, or forget that you are never truly alone. I hope you rejoice in being broken and always look to Him to fix you. I hope you continue learning the art of being selfless. I hope you never lose sight of what you are passionate about and continue to use that passion to glorify God. I hope you laugh and cry, leave your comfort zone behind and find things that make you feel. I hope you are vulnerable, but strong. I hope you are trusting, but still wise. I hope you can be confident and not self concious. I hope you love without fear, taken risks and find out who to trust. Always be kinder than necessary for eveyone is fighting a battle of their own - I hope you never forget that.

Be strong and courageous, you are more than a conquerer and you are dead to sin. I hope you find yourself.

-sweetly broken, wholly surrendered. 8/21/2011

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