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Friday, July 15, 2011

Day two hundred and ninety three.

So, I think I actually like this... but I don't know. My hand looks weird in the first one. But I have some good news!!

My 50mm 1.8 lens came today! My remote should be coming soon.

Aslo, I have been tagged like a billion times since I last did a tag, so I guess I will write some things.

1. I named my cameras today. Their names are Lafayette, Rupert, and Frederick.

2. I am completely in love with Adam Levine. he is so attractive.

3. I am starting to feel like my blog is pointless, no one reads or cares.

4. I am leaving for New Orleans on sunday!! I am so excited.

5. I have never read a single Harry Potter book or seen any of the movies. *gasp*

6. I think it is so attractive when guys wear v-necks. I just love it.

7. I have a really horrible laugh. It is dumb and annoying. kjhadskjf.

8. One day I will be living in Italy. I don't know what job I will have or if I will be married, I just want to be out of here.

9. Recently I have been saying the words peculiar, plethora, and nonchalant a lot. I love those words.

10. I could probably eat at chickfila every day of my life and by perfectly happy.

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